Ways To Teach Your Kids That Math Can Be Fun

In order to convince your child that mathematics can be lots of fun, there are two approaches you can take. You can use a game approach to learning math or you can try “creative mathematics”. By...
Posted On 17 Nov 2016
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Nissan Brought a Massive Star Wars TIE Fighter to the L.A. Auto Show, and It Was Glorious

– When a megabrand like the Star Wars franchise—one so popular that stuff like out-of-print Lego kits can go for thousands of dollars—drifts into your galaxy, you point your tractor beam in its direction and hang on. That’s exactly what happened at Nissan when the automaker...
Posted On 17 Nov 2016
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Health & Beauty

Dr. Bailey’s Fall Skin Care Tips (Part 2)

  Fall is here in full force! And it’s almost time for turkey here in the U.S. Change your skin care routine now to prevent seasonal chapping and dryness, facial and scalp flaking, redness, and a host of other skin problems that flare up as the weather cools down and dries...
Posted On 17 Nov 2016
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Innovative Illumination!

Do you remember the Liter of Light campaign started in the Philippines that converted sunlight into a lamp for slum

An e-Trike for Muscle Training

The CERO tricycle goes far beyond fun! This adaptable e-trike is particularly useful for users with physical

Oddvald piano stand

Materials: 2x Oddvald Trestle Wooden board (and if necesssary black lack paint) Threaded bar and a few screw nuts

Hovering H20 Headgear

They say that being underwater is the most meditative experience in the world. Shutting out all the external sound

VALJE entertainment center

IKEA items: Multiple Valje shelving units and a large 39 3/8 X 58 Valje unit. Step 1. Plan your Valje shelf and how