Extrahumans: Cover reveal and Excerpt at Tor.com


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Delighted to be sharing the full cover of Extrahumans by Susan Jane Bigelow over at Tor.com. Extrahumans is the never-before-published final book in the Extrahuman Union series.

About the book

Being “The Sampler” isn’t easy. As the weakest member of the Extrahuman Union, Jill is overlooked by just about everyone. After all, no one cares about an Extrahuman who possesses every possible superpower, but can barely use any of them. Jill is a nobody, on the run and out of a job, with no home and barely any friends to her name.

To make ends meet, Jill turns back to one of her favorite jobs: stealing. When her latest job goes terribly wrong, Jill is left with a mysterious alien artifact—one that starts whispers to her, unlocks impossible powers, and shows her incredible things.

Now Jill is on a quest for answers that will take her from the high mountains of Valen to the depths of interstellar space; from a bizarre prison planet where old friends and enemies are held captive, to the roots of St. Val’s mysterious letters and decade-spanning plans. The fate of her friends, her world, a vanished alien species, and the entire Confederation will rest on Jill’s shoulders.

Extrahumans is a tale of superpowers and long-forgotten mysteries, and the fourth and final book in the critically acclaimed Extrahuman Union series

“Come for the superheroes, stay for the characters and world-building.” — A Fantastical Librarian

Go over Tor.com to check out the full cover and a super cool excerpt.

You can read more about the series and writing its ending from Susan Jane Bigelow here.
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