6 Essential Kitchen Tools

Ratio Eight ­Coffeemaker ($595)

  Photo: Ratio

Early-morning training is a lot easier with a good cup of joe. A simple stovetop Bialetti works fine. But connoisseurs will appreciate how the Ratio spirals the water evenly for uniform extraction and smoother taste. 

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Hasami ­Porcelain Plates ($16)

  Photo: Hasami

Research suggests that smaller, dark-colored plates and bowls cause you to eat less because they alter your perception of relative size. (It’s called the Delboeuf illusion.) Hasami’s black porcelain set keeps meal portions in check beautifully. 

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Ash Blaeds Knife ($175)

Ash Blaeds
  Photo: Ash Blaeds

Ash’s handmade knives are constructed of long-lasting high-carbon steel.

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Hawkins New York Simple ­Storage ­Containers ($35)

Hawkins New York
  Photo: Hawkins New York

Studies show that no matter what you eat, cooking it yourself makes it healthier. With these sleek glass jars, it’s easy to keep dry goods like beans, rice, and pasta on hand, so you’ll be less inclined to order in. And unlike plastic, glass won’t leach chemicals.

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Vitamix ­Professional ­Series 300 ­Blender ($559)

  Photo: Vitamix

Any cheap blender can make a smoothie. But with the Vitamix 300, you can craft nut butters and whip up hot soups that would mangle or melt lesser machines.

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All-Clad 4-Quart Slow Cooker ($150)

  Photo: All-Clad

No time to cook? Throw everything in this electric slow cooker before a long ski tour and dinner will be ready when you get back.

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